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Try a water dispenser for the home or office, risk-free!

Did you know that multiple studies show that even mild thirst can decrease the productivity of work by 10%? There are many benefits to providing a source of drinking water in the workplace. Are you interested in the benefits that a water dispenser will provide for your office? Try one out, risk-free, with Distillata’s 30 60 day free trial! We also extend this offer to homeowners.

If you sign up online, you will receive an additional 30 days free + 1 extra bottle giving you  60 days of refreshing water for your enjoyment! This consists of one water dispenser and three FOUR bottles of water or a water filtration unit, delivered at no charge!

This is a great way to see if bottled water delivery service is the right choice for your home or office with no cost or obligation!

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60 Day Free Trial (Northeast Ohio Only)

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