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Water, Salt & Coffee Delivery in Portage County

Business & Residential Water Delivery in Cuyahoga County

Portage County is home of over 62,000 households. It is important to keep a safe source of drinking water in your home. Distillata has been Portage County’s trusted source of drinking water for over 100 years. We offer a variety of drinking water delivery service options to fit every household.

Portage County Home Delivery:

If you live an active lifestyle, our bottled water delivery is perfect for you! Choose bottle sizes ranging from individual disposable 16 oz bottles up to 5 gallon water cooler bottles.

Portage County Filtration Systems:

If you consider yourself an environmentalist, our water filtration systems are perfect for you! These systems can be connected to a home water source, which will not require any plastic bottle usage. Just hook up your system, and you will be able to fill up a glass or reusable water bottle whenever you need to.

Portage County Pool Filling Service:

Own a pool? Check out our pool filling service!

To contact us for more information on our home water delivery service, call us at 216.771.2900.

Office Water, Salt & Coffee Delivery Services

If you have a business in Portage County, Distillata offers multiple options to choose from for drinking water delivery. Not only do we have a variety of sources, but we also have a variety of water types.

Some of our water delivery services we offer for businesses include:

To contact us for more information on our office water delivery, call us at 216.771.2900.

About Portage County

Portage County is a very unique place to live because it offers some of the finest educational, recreational and cultural opportunities. Home of Kent State University, this brings a younger demographic and a lot of job opportunities to the county. Great shopping such as Acorn Alley or Aurora Farms Outlet Mall, also make Portage County an attractive place to live.

Portage County is comprised of many industrial companies and beautiful rolling acre parks. Within the county are quaint, bustling towns and neighborhoods such as Kent, Aurora, Ravenna, Brady Lake, Rootstown, Streetsboro, Atwater, Mantua and Mogadore.