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Types of Drinking Water

Bottled Water

Types of Drinking Water We Offer

Distilled Water

Distillata distilled water has meant purity for well over one-hundred years. The distillation process removes all minerals and impurities, leaving only less than one part per million (ppm) of total dissolved solids and meeting all chemical requirements of the US Pharmacopeia.

Reverse Osmosis

This high-quality drinking water is produced by passing through a semi-permeable membrane, allowing only the purest water to flow through, leaving all contaminants behind thus giving R.O.” it’s own unique taste.

Artesian Water

Nature’s own uniquely pure beverage-free of sodium, chlorine, and calories! It’s delivered fresh each day from a naturally free-flowing spring in rural northern Ohio. Monitored daily, it exceeds all governmental regulations for drinking water.

Premium Drinking Water

A carefully blended mixture of both our Distilled water and Artesian Spring water. The natural minerals of our Artesian Spring water are blended with our Distilled water to appeal to those with discriminating tastes.

Mountain Valley Spring Water

Mountain Valley spring water is a premium drinking water that is shipped up to Distillata directly from their spring in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Mountain Valley spring water is available in both plastic and glass bottles in a wide variety of sizes.

Want to know more? This infographic will help:

Different types of drinking water

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