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August Promo: Lunch Box Water Sale!

Lunchbox Water Sale

Like it or not, the time has come. That old ritual you love to hate, packing the school lunch box. Although it is a tedious task that I for one dread well in advance, there is no greater satisfaction than providing a healthy meal for our children. A sandwich, fruit and something crunchy is the usual essentials. We stealthily use whole wheat white bread and add more peanut butter than jelly to reduce sugar content. I am dismayed when after all that hard work I see children with juices, sports drinks or the sugar devil incarnate…soda.

Skip the soda or juice in your children’s lunch boxes; we have a healthier option!

Our 10-ounce portable bottles are a perfect lunch box option.  They are an optimal size not only to fit, but they also eliminate waste. The best news is they are less than .25 per bottle!

Through the end of August (or while supplies last), buy two 24ct cases of 10-ounce bottles and you will get one free! Simply fill out the form below to order today!

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