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Lemon, Cucumber, Mint, and Ginger Recovery Water

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Working out is difficult enough without feeling drained and sore afterward. Even drinking water before, during, and after your workout might not be enough. You need a post-workout drink with electrolytes and an enjoyable taste. But, you dont want to consume calories that you just worked so hard to burn off.

The answer is water infused with citrus. The best citrus fruit to replenish electrolytes is lemon. Lemon is choc-full of potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Add cucumber, mint, and ginger to make your after workout drink cooling and refreshing!

This article will teach you how to combine lemon, cucumber, mint, and ginger for tasty recovery water. Plus, you will learn an essential trick for super sweaty workouts.

Lemon Cucumber Mint post workout drink

How to Make Lemon, Cucumber, Mint, and Ginger Recovery Water


Makes 2 liters 

  •     2 liters of cold water
  •     1 inch of fresh ginger
  •     1 lemon
  •     1 cucumber
  •     4 sprigs fresh mint


  1. Peel ginger and set aside.
  2. Slice cucumber (peel if desired), set aside.
  3. Slice lemon (peel if desired), set aside.
  4. The night before your workout, combine all of the ingredients in a pitcher and place in the fridge.

In the morning you will have a large batch of infused water to help you recover after your workout! I like to divide the recipe up into separate mason jars with the lids on for an easy grab and go drink. 

Tip: Add a tiny pinch of sea salt to replenish the sodium you will lose when you sweat.

Lemon Cucumber Mint recovery water

How much water should I drink when I work out?

According to, you should start your hydration routine at least two hours before you exercise. Drink about 20 ounces of water. If possible, try to sip at least eight more during your activity and another eight after.

Make it even easier, try a water cooler free for 60 days!

More infused water recipes can be found here: 

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