Coffee Machines for the Office – Rental


Are you ready to enjoy the sweet, exhilarating taste of coffee the minute you walk into the office in the morning? Our coffee machines for rental are affordable and always ready to brew fresh coffee. They are durable and made to last, meaning you and your employees can enjoy coffee all day long. Feel energized all day long at the office by the delightful aroma and taste of coffee.

Product Specifications

  • G3 ADS™ Digital Control Module (G3/ADS™) – Encapsulated in high-tech polymer. Impervious to heat, steam and moisture. Provides precise control over all critical functions.
  • Factory Set – For out-of-the-box operation.
  • Curtis’ Exclusive G3 3-Year Warranty – Provides 3 full years of protection on the digital control components.
  • Intuitive Scroll-Through Precision Programming – Large, brightly lighted display communicates functions at a glance. Easily adjust time, volume, temperature, brew functions and more.
  • Tamper Resistant – Changeable access code prevents unauthorized adjustment.
  • Easy-to-Operate – Simple graphic design with color-coded buttons for all operating functions.
  • Saves Operating Costs – Energy save mode automatically reduces energy consumption when brewer is idle.
  • On-Board Self Diagnostics – G3 continually senses proper brewing operation. A Service Phone Number and error code will be displayed in the rare event technical assistance is required… reducing downtime
  • Programmable Display Banner – Can be set to display your operation’s name and message.
  • Integral Quality Timer & Automatic Warmer Shut-Off – Keeps coffee quality at its peak.
  • Built-In Fine Tuning Brewing Modes – Pre-infusion or pulse brew enhances extraction of gourmet coffee flavor. Cold water brew lock-out prevents brewing when water temperature is below set level.
  • Standard 120VAC Operation – Makes installation quick and simple.
  • Options – 2-1/2” adjustable
  • Brew Capacity – 64 oz
  • Burst Capacity – 4 gal/hr
  • Electrical – 120V
  • Dimensions – (17.63″ H x 9.13′ W x 23.40″ D)
Alpha 2GT Pricing
 Type of PackageDelivery?RateService Rate
Brewer RentalNo Coffee Delivery$40.00 per moFree
Brewer Rental #2Monthly Coffee DeliveryFREEFREE
Brewer PurchaseNo Coffee Delivery$810.60$40 per call
Brewer Purchase #2Monthly Coffee Delivery$710.60$40 per call