Sixty Day Trial

$72.60 $21.00


  • Hot & cold water cooler

$11.00/ month free for 60 days

  • Three five-gallon water bottles

$7.95 each free

  • *One case of 16.9 oz. water bottles

$5.50 free

*Go green and opt for a reusable water bottle instead.

You only pay a $21.00 returnable deposit on the water bottles!



Easily accessible water delivered on a convenient schedule to suit your busy lifestyle. But, don’t take our word for it–to be sure this is a service you will love, we want you to try it for FREE! Our free trial enables you to test a water cooler in your home for sixty days with three bottles of 5-gallon water and a case of on the go water. You only pay a $21.00 refundable deposit on the water bottles.

  • Increase your water consumption.
  • Feel refreshed with a perfectly chilled glass, every time!
  • Prepare tea, hot cocoa, and even oatmeal with the instant hot feature!
  • No more lugging heavy bottles from the grocery store!
  • Buy locally from a trusted brand with over a century of experience.
  • Enjoy convenient, hassle-free delivery.
  • Time-saving account management such as text ordering and live chat!

A representative will contact you to schedule delivery within two business days. 

There is no obligation, you may choose to return the cooler and empty water bottles after sixty days for a full deposit refund.