X2 Energy Drink – Fruit Punch


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Other energy drinks come packed with artificial ingredients and loads of sugar. X2 Sport Fruit Punch is different. Instead, it delivers long-lasting energy from green tea caffeine and slow burning sugars. Electrolyte-rich coconut water is the base of this sports energy drink. The perfect amount of fruit punch flavor adds the right touch of sweetness for an appealing taste.

12 cans per case.



Coffee and tea come with artificial ingredients and sugars that can cause you to crash during key parts of the day. Before you grab another cup of coffee, try a healthier drink infused with electrolyte-rich coconut water and the sweet, tart taste of fruit punch to stay naturally energized all day long.

X2 is a non-carbonated beverage that only uses natural, feel-good ingredients, leaving no room for artificial sweeteners. X2’s natural ingredients include:

  • Caffeine from green tea to energize you and provide antioxidants you need
  • Glucose and cane sugar for additional energy and a light, sweet taste
  • Pure honey for a longer rise in blood sugar over time
  • Ribose to prevent major energy crashes

As an X2 distributor, we are proud to serve X2 energy drinks made from only clean and simple ingredients. Feel good about what you’re putting in your body to stay hydrated and energized and order today to get X2 Energy Drink – Fruit Punch delivered right to your door.

12 cans per case.


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