Coffee F.A.Q.

Keurig is a great brand to have for your office coffee machine. We offer a wide variety of coffee pods, so if you are looking for a cheap k cup distributor, Distillata is your company!

Why am I getting coffee grounds from the coffee pod in my cup?

The coffee grounds have built up in the exit needle. Remove and clean the needle from the inside of the k cup.

How hot does the Keurig water get?

The Keurig coffee brewing temperature is 192° F.

Are the k cup coffee pods recyclable?

In order to ensure freshness and protection, k cup coffee pods are not yet recyclable.

Can the k cup coffee pods be used more than once?

The k cup coffee pods are designed for a one time use.

Where can I purchase cheap k cups?

Right here at Distillata! Click to get more info on our Keurig coffee selection.