Water F.A.Q.’s

How do bottle deposits work?

Click here for a full explanation of our 5-gallon water bottle deposit exchange program.

Do you repair water fountains? We have an on-staff drinking water fountain expert who can diagnose, inspect, clean and repair any water fountain.

Do you offer BPA free water bottles?
Yes, we do!  Although the FDA has deemed them safe, we listen to our customers and are happy to provide you with BPA free water bottles.

Can I pay the driver at the time of delivery?
Yes, you can pay the driver by check or cash. If you are paying by credit card you will need to call it into our offices or use online bill pay.

Do I have to sign a contract?
No, your rental and/or water delivery is on a month to month basis. You can cancel at any time. We just ask that you give 15 days notice to pick up any equipment

5-gallon water delivery

How do I clean my water cooler?
Click here for instructions.

Are glass bottles available?
Yes, Mountain Valley water is available in glass containers.

How should I store my bottled water?
Bottled water should be stored somewhere cool and dark- preferably in a basement or closet. Your water and cooler should be kept out of direct sunlight and fluorescent light. If this is not possible we can provide a cover for your cooler.

Do I have to be home for deliveries?
No. We will leave the water bottles and dispensers wherever you like. However, once they are delivered you assume responsibility.

Do you have child safety locks for the spigots on my dispenser?
Yes. Contact our customer service department or your driver and we will glad to provide.

Distillata Truck

How often will my water be delivered?
There are three options: every 2 weeks, every 4 weeks or upon your request. Certain outlying areas can only receive deliveries every 4 weeks. Just let us know the schedule you prefer.

What do I do with my empties?
Simply leave them in a safe spot and we will leave your full bottles in the same location.

What happens if there is a holiday?
The majority of the time your water will be delivered 1 day early. This does vary from time to time. If your delivery falls on the week of or the week before a delivery contact our customer service department for your delivery date or sign in to your account to view your delivery schedule.

My cooler is leaking- what should I do?
99% of the time the leak is caused by the bottle. If there is a pinhole or a crack somewhere in the bottle it will overfill the reservoir of your cooler and leak out the back. Simply take the bottle off the cooler, drain the cooler out through the spigots; put a new bottle on. Mark the bottle that caused the problem and your driver will exchange it for you at no charge. If you try this and the cooler continues to leak please contact our customer service department.

When is payment due?
Payment is due 10 days after you receive your statement in the mail.

Bottled water on porch

If I am renting a cooler will I eventually own it?
No, the rental payments are not applied towards a purchase. Similar to the leasing of a car you can buy out the cooler at any time at a discounted rate based on the age of the cooler.

Can I put Distillata water bottles in other coolers?
We prefer that you use our cooler. However, the bottles are fairly universal and can be used in most coolers.

What are the dimensions of a bottled water cooler?
All of our water coolers are about 1 foot wide and 1 foot deep. They are about 4 feet tall without the bottle. With the bottle on top of the unit, they are approximately 5 feet and two inches.