Water Filtration Units

Looking to rent or buy a water filtration system? Distillata offers a variety of systems that can be tailored to your specifications. Our water filtration coolers can be rented or purchased at industry competitive rates.

Water filtration benefits include:

  • Enhanced performance. Staying hydrated helps keep people energized, raises metabolism, and can even increase brain activity!
  • Healthy choices. Those who have access to water filtration systems are more likely to choose water over sugary, unhealthy options such as soda pop.
  • Reduced waste. Using refillable water bottles helps reduce waste and the number of plastic bottles or cans thrown away on a daily basis.

Types of Water Filtration Units

  • Wellsys WS11000: Customizable settings and a state of the art water usage display with one touch dispense allows for personalized and convenient hydration.
  • Wellsys WS9000: All of the bells and whistles of the WS11000 with additional reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration capabilities.
  • Wellsys WS9000 Countertop Model: Low on floor space? Our countertop water filtration units offer a compact design without losing any features.
  • WS 1000 CT Countertop Model: Adapted to fit any kitchen with a lower profile allowing placement under standard height cabinets.
  • Watts 525 Pro Under Sink Unit: Fits discreetly under your sink and provides fresh filtered water through a sleek spigot. 

Get Pricing

Distillata is now offering free filter packs and service calls for life with a water filtration purchase. All purchases will also come with a Go Green bundle for your family or co-workers! Fill out the form below and someone will contact you about pricing.