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Water Delivery Service Reminders

Never Forget a Delivery!

You like routines & so do we. Distillata delivers water to homes or offices in Northeast Ohio on a reliable bi-weekly or monthly schedule. But, we know you are busy and your water delivery day might be hard to remember. No worries, we will remind you we are coming! Get a phone, email, or text notification the day before your water day with our delivery reminder service. Sign up today and never forget Distillata is coming again! Plus, you can print a calendar for the whole family or office to use here (or add to your iCalendar)!

Text messages are subject to your carrier rates as well as phone calls to cellular phones. 

Water deliveries that fall the week of, before, or after a holiday may be subject to change. We will do our best to inform you of the adjustment. But, as traffic and holiday closures are difficult to predict – it will be an estimate. You can be sure that your delivery will be made within one day of a major holiday. It may be the day before or the day after. We appreciate your understanding and allowing our team of drivers to spend holidays at home with their families. 

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