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  • salt for sale in bulk

    Ice Melt Salt – 50# bag

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    Rust Free Softener Salt – 40# bag

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  • Sale! water softener salt delivery

    Water Softener Salt Pellets – 40# bag

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  • safety salt pallet

    Ice Melt Salt Pallet

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Distillata does more than fulfill all of your water and coffee delivery needs, we also supply two types of salt for various water softening and safety purposes. Whether you need to refresh your water softening system or want to keep your friends, family and/or employees safe during those icy Cleveland winters, salt delivery information is right around the corner. Want to order bulk salt? We do that too!

The best time to purchase your supply is before winter hits and demand is high. This is when big box stores can get away with selling low quality products at high prices. Don’t wait – sign up for Distillata’s rock salt delivery today!