Water Softener Salt Pallet


Water Softener Salt Pallets offer you an affordable way to purchase in bulk. By choosing a pallet of salt for your water softener you can stock up and not worry about running out. You can provide your family, employees, or visitors the best soft water and eliminate damaging mineral buildup. Resingard is safe for use in all types of units and effective at removing harmful hard water contaminants. 

Order water softener salt pallets today for fast delivery to Northeast Ohio. Have iron in your water? Try our rust-free salt instead.



    Delivery is available to Cleveland, Akron, Youngstown, Lorain, and the surrounding suburbs in Northeast, Ohio. Check our service area here.

    How many bags of water softener salt are on a pallet?

    There are 63 – 40 lb. bags per pallet

    Product specifications:

    • $10 refundable pallet deposit charge
    • Local delivery within two business days
    • Delivered in shrink wrap on a high-quality pallet.
    • Removes calcium, magnesium, and other hard minerals.
    • Improves the taste of your water.
    • Provides softened water for a silky feel on skin and hair.
    • Regular use can help to extend the life of home appliances, plumbing, and water heaters.
    • Increases the efficiency of home appliances, plumbing, and water heaters.
    • Reduce the mineral build-up in sinks and showers.
    • 99% pure salt.
    • Water-soluble.
    • Made to reduce mushing and bridging in your water softener.
    • Water softener salt pellets can not be used to melt ice.

    Read this article to learn how to add salt to a water softener


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