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History of Distillata & Bottled Water in Cleveland

Providing Bottled Water to Cleveland and Akron Since 1897

Distillata has been located at 1608 East 24th Street in Cleveland and has been serving northeast Ohio’s distilled and bottled water needs for over 120 years. Our family-owned company has been an innovator in distilled water and water filtration techniques since its inception. See the timeline below for more details about our exciting history of bottled water!

1897: City Ice/ Distillata was born in the same Cleveland location that we reside in today

1897 – 1945: City Ice products and Distillata sold ice and distilled water through the first World War, the Great Depression, and the Second World War. It was after the Second World war that Distillata and City Ice went their own ways with Distillata now concentrating on soda pop and distilled water all in glass returnable bottles.

1950’s: Retired Strong Cobb President and renowned pharmacist George Miller purchases Distillata. Mr.Miller had incredible foresight and intense fervor. He believed that the current environment of industrial progress coupled with the pollution that followed would make pure water even more valuable well into the future.

1950 – 1957: Mr. Miller revolutionizes the use of distilled water in Cleveland homes, hospitals, and offices. He was a true pioneer laying the groundwork for the common use of bottled water to this day.

1957: George Miller needed help running the company because of his failing health; he asked his son in law Bill Schroeder to join him. Bill and George had a very close relationship and this partnership was key to sustain the growth potential that lay ahead in the years to come.

1965: Distillata buys the Akron Mineral Spring water company to add the much-needed water alternative of fresh, clean artesian spring water. Distillata now had distilled and spring water to go along with the many different flavors of soda pop.

1966: George Miller succumbs to his third and final heart attack and Bill Schroeder at the age of 34 is now in charge of continuing this family business.

1972: Bill Schroeder makes a shocking and bold decision that would forever change Distillata, dropping all production of soda pop and concentrate only on bottled distilled and spring water. This decision was determined by escalating sugar costs along with Pepsi and Coca Cola’s high-speed production which made Distillata bottling pop cost prohibitive. Along with his keen sense that bottled water had not yet reached its full potential.

1983: Keith Schroeder (Bill’s eldest son) graduates from Wittenberg University and joins the family business. Keith institutes renting water coolers to not only offices but for the first time to homes as well. Another move in the Distillata family that was easily criticized by peers but, in the end, made the use of bottled water coolers in your home commonplace.

1987: Kevin Schroeder joins the team and continues the family tradition of innovation in distilled and bottled water products in Cleveland and Akron. Kevin quickly took the Akron area by storm expanding the business to new heights. Kevin saw beyond the confines of Northeast Ohio, soon not only did most Ohioans have access to Distillata water but thanks to his vision, through distributors, neighboring states were now enjoying Cleveland’s favorite bottled water.

1998: Distillata purchases Minnehaha Water Company, making Distillata the premiere water company in Cleveland.

2006: Distillata joins the coffee revolution! Keurig K-cup coffee and brewers are added to the line of products.

2008: Distillata sees a growing need to expand to the water filtration arena. Certified professionals are hired on making Distillata one of the first full-service water companies.

2014: History is in the making with the return of Lebron James to Cleveland and the fourth generation coming aboard Distillata. Adam Schroeder begins his career with the family business as head of the sales team, offering a true passion for his hometown and fresh outlook for future business plans.

2018: Heather Schroeder joins as our operations manager. Another Wittenberg alumni with her heart in Cleveland. Heather adds vitality to the family business with devotion to stellar customer care and strong team building skills stemming from her lifelong love of sports

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