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Water Products and Services Information

Whether you’re a new or returning customer, you’ll find a resource article that’s relevant to your water needs! Here, you’ll learn all about Distillata’s services and how to set up a water delivery schedule for your home or office, how our drinking water is locally-produced, steps you can take to clean and maintain your water cooler, how to create an emergency water preparedness plan, and much more!

Check out our articles below and contact Distillata for more information about our products and services.

How Distillata Water Delivery Service Works

If you’re considering Distillata water delivery for your home or office, there are four easy steps you’ll need to complete so that we can start delivering our locally-produced water to you.

Quick Guide To Bottle Deposits

Distillata uses a bottle deposit system to ensure costs are kept low by maintaining a steady inventory of bottles for our production team, as well as recapturing plastic containers for recycling. Learn more about how our bottle deposit works!

Distillata Drinking Water Options

Distillata offers four different kinds of locally-produced water, as well as water from top brands such as Mountain Valley. Learn more about the bottled water options available at Distillata!

How to Set up a New Water Cooler

Learn how to properly set up your new water cooler in a few easy steps.

Water Cooler Troubleshooting

Having issues with your water cooler? No worries! Here are some water cooler troubleshooting and maintenance tips to help you out. If you need further assistance, contact us and our experts will be more than happy to help you in any way we can!

How To Clean Your Water Dispenser

No one wants to drink from a dirty water cooler! Cleaning your water dispenser doesn’t take long or require any special equipment. Here are 10 easy steps for cleaning your water cooler.

How to Replace a Water Cooler Spigot

Learn how to replace a water cooler spigot in a few easy steps so you can get back to healthy hydrating!

How to Work a Child Proof Water Cooler Spigot

Our child-proof water cooler spigots will keep your children safe from hot water and prevent spills. Learn how it works here.

How to Replace a 5-Gallon Water Bottle

In this video, you will learn how to how to open and replace a 5-gallon water bottle. With the easy-grip handle and germ-free seal, changing your Distillata water bottle is a breeze. Plus, our water guard adapter will make your experience spill-free!

Water Filtration For Your Home – Everything You Need To Know To Get Started

Throughout this free downloadable guide you will learn about common issues with your household water, how to increase the quality of your water, available water filtration units, cost savings, and more!

Water Filtration For Your Business – Everything You Need To Know To Get Started

Throughout this free downloadable guide you will learn how a water filtration unit works, why your business needs a filtration system, available models for your office, how to maintain your water filter, and more!

How to Change Water Filters Under the Sink

Learn how to change water filters under the sink with these step by step directions and tutorial video.

Swimming Pool Information – The Ultimate Cheat Sheet To Filling Your Pool

Throughout this free downloadable guide you will learn about swimming pool maintenance, how to open your pool, pool repair, pool cleaning, swimming pool water delivery, calculating the volume of your pool, and more!

Sustainable Drinking Water Solutions

The bottled water industry takes a lot of scrutiny when it comes to plastic bottle waste. Here at Distillata, one of our main focuses is providing our great-tasting, quality water in a purposeful and sustainable way. Learn about our sustainable water solutions and how you can help reduce our ecological footprint.

Emergency Water Preparedness

It can be easy to take our water supply for granted, but emergencies such as water main breaks and severe storms can prohibit our municipalities from serving us. It’s critical to have a water preparedness plan for situations like these. Here’s some tips that will help you to stay healthy and hydrated in the event of an emergency.

Benefits of Drinking Water

It’s no secret that water is our most important nutrient. However, 75% of people are still chronically dehydrated due to caffeinated drinks, alcohol, and high-sodium diets. To better understand how hydration improves your health, here are five benefits to incorporating more water into your daily diet.

History of Distillata and Bottled Water in Cleveland

For over 120 years, Distillata’s family-owned business has been an innovator in distilled water and water filtration techniques in Northeast Ohio.

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