San Pellegrino – 750 ml (15 ct)


From the heart of Italy’s purest rivers and streams, San Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water has been trusted by families and businesses since 1899. These glass bottles are carefully packaged and handled to preserve the refreshing, sparkling taste that awaits inside.

You can enjoy San Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water at your home or office through Distillata water delivery. Our team has worked to efficiently transport water to the Cleveland and Akron areas for over 100 years. Bring home the hydrating, pure taste of Italy today!

These bottles are 100% recyclable. Please recycle your empty bottles and the cardboard packaging curbside.


    Delivery is available to Cleveland, Akron, Youngstown, Lorain, and the surrounding suburbs in Northeast Ohio. Check our service area here.

    • Sparkling mineral water
    • 15 – 750ml glass bottles per case
    • Product of Italy


    Watch this video to see how our delivery service works:

    Residential Sparkling Water Delivery

    You want to keep your family hydrated, but you might be worried about the quality of water coming out of the tap at home. That’s where San Pellegrino Sparkling Water comes in to help give your family a crisp and refreshing way to stay hydrated. San Pellegrino has just the right amount of carbonation that makes it perfect to compliment dinner or be enjoyed on its own.

    The good news is that you can have this refreshing taste and healthy minerals at home without going to the store. Distillata offers reliable sparkling water delivery to homes all across the Cleveland/Akron area. Our bottled water delivery service is known for putting our customers first. It’s the perfect opportunity to have San Pellegrino right to your door without any hassle.

    Business Sparkling Water Delivery

    As a business, keeping your employees, clients and customers happy is one of your top priorities. And sometimes that means having a crisp and refreshing beverage on hand. San Pellegrino Sparkling Water is bottled at the sources with just the right of amount of carbonation. And with Distillata’s San Pellegrino Sparkling Water delivery, your office won’t have to worry about staying hydrated.

    Our 750 ml San Pellegrino Sparkling Water bottles are perfect for making anyone in your conference room feel more at home. Or stock the shared kitchen fridge so the refreshing taste of San Pellegrino Sparkling Water is never too far away. Our bottled water delivery service is known for putting customer service first. With help from Distillata, all of your business’s bottled water needs will be delivered right to the door.


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