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Northeast Ohio Water Delivery and Services

When it comes to staying hydrated, healthy, and refreshed – Distillata is the local solution for all of your water needs! We’re Cleveland’s premiere water company and have been serving the businesses and households of Northeast Ohio for over 120 years. Our wide range of water dispensers, filtration systems, and water fountains are designed to improve the quality and taste of your water.

There are several types of Distillata drinking water for you to choose from, available in a variety of sizes ranging from 16-ounce water bottles to 5-gallon water jugs. We also carry bottled water and sparkling water products from a number of top brands, including Mountain Valley Spring Water, Nestle Water, and San Pellegrino. We offer reliable bottled water delivery services to businesses and homes across Northeast Ohio, with customizable scheduling options to fit your needs. Our professional services also include water cooler rental and maintenance, water filtration system installation, drinking water fountain maintenance and installation, pool water delivery, and more.

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