Nestle Pure Life – 0.5 Pint (24 ct)


Nestle Pure Life Water is the clean-tasting water families have been trusting for years. This package contains 24 resealable bottles that are small enough to put into a backpack or purse. Enhanced with minerals, this water is perfect for both adults and kids alike.

Share Nestle’s fresh, pure water with your family by ordering from Distillata today. We have provided families with quality water delivery for over 100 years. Our delivery has consistently maintained its quality and service throughout the Cleveland and Akron areas for years.

These bottles are 100% recyclable (caps on tight Cuyahoga County). Please place your empty bottles and the cardboard packaging in your curbside bin. Plus, the plastic shrink wrap can be recycled at a participating grocery store!


    Delivery is available to Cleveland, Akron, Youngstown, Lorain, and the surrounding suburbs in Northeast Ohio. Check our service area here.

    • 8-ounce water bottles
    • 24 bottles per case
    • Zero calories
    • Perfect for lunch boxes
    • Brand: Nestle Pure Life
    • Bottles and cardboard tray are 100% recyclable. Take shrink wrap to participating grocery stores for drop off (use the plastic bag bin).


    Residential Water Delivery

    Depending on where you live in the Cleveland/Akron area, you might not trust the tap water in your home. Nestle Pure Life Water is the refreshing water that families in Northeast Ohio have been trusting for years. This package of 24 half pint resealable bottles are enhanced with minerals to help keep your family hydrated. The bottles are perfect for your kids’ school lunches or backpack.

    Thanks to Distillata’s Nestle Pure Life Water delivery services, you won’t have to worry about carrying heavy packs of water back home from the store. At Distillata, we offer bottles water delivery you can trust. We’ve been serving families in Northeast Ohio for over 100 years. You can count on us to offer quality customer service while helping to keep you family hydrated.

    Business Water Delivery

    On of your top priorities as a business is to look out for its employees and clients. And with a trusted name like Nestle Pure Life Water, you’ll be able to help your employees stay focused and hydrated throughout the day. The half pint Nestle Pure Life Water bottles are perfect to keep at your desk or in a bag if you’re on the road.

    At Distillata, part of our mission is making it easier for everyone at your business stay hydrated. That’s why we offer Nestle Pure Life Water delivery. We’ve been providing businesses across the Cleveland/Akron area with reliable water delivery for over 100 years. Keeping your office stocked with quality water doesn’t have to be a hassle. When you choose Distillata, your Nestle Pure Life Water will be brought straight to your door.


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