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The Distillata 25+ Year Club: A Perfect Way to Remember

125 years. In the same building. Producing the same product. Serving the same community. What can we say? We don’t like change. But, that is not what has kept us going for so long – it’s the people. It’s the great-granddaughter who sent us a picture of her great grandfather delivering Distillata Water from a horse and buggy. It’s the customers that display 1950’s vintage glass Distillata water bottles like they are a treasure. It’s the millennials who, “grew up drinking Distillata” and now carry on the same tradition with their children. And, it is our loyal team of employees who have gotten us here. To honor them, we have created the Distillata 25+ year club. Meet our inductees. 

Distillata driver closing the bay doors on delivery truck

Rob, Distillata start date: 8/2/1992

Rob is a second-generation Distillata employee. His 30-year journey started on the baseball field. As a valuable player on the company team, he was recruited to operations at our Akron, Oh. location. He stayed on as a delivery driver, office manager, route and safety manager. As he said,“ I have done so many different things over the years that I am sure I am leaving some out!” Rob enjoys his coworkers and working for a family-owned company. He also likes the flexibility of his job. He is grateful that he has been able to take part in his children’s sports and school activities. We enjoy Rob’s diligence, thoroughness, and attention to detail. Mostly, we love his sense of humor and an endless supply of frozen Stouffer’s meals for lunch! 

Distillata water driver loading delivery truck in Cleveland, Oh

Mike, Distillata start date: 10/7/1996

Thanks to a referral, Mike joined our team as a van driver. He quickly became a customer favorite. It was evident that Mike would make a valuable delivery route driver. He now serves our south side routes and says, “I enjoy the relationships I have built with my customers.” Mike is a proud father, has an infectious smile, a calm demeanor, and the best movie tips! 

Distillata employee driving tow motor in Cleveland, Oh warehouse

Jim, Distillata start date: 08/07/1989

Jim was referred to Distillata by a family member. It was such a great fit that he started two days after his interview. Since then, he rose the ranks from our manufacturing line to delivery route driver and now serves as a diverse team player wherever needed. He says “the work culture and people” have kept him here all these years. Jim is a loving grandfather and can be found at his camper most summer weekends! We love Jim because he is kind and adaptable with a refreshing positive attitude. 

Distillata water delivery driver counting bottles on truck

Al, Distillata start date: 6/18/1990 

Al began his career as a member of our production team. His stellar performance quickly earned him a promotion to delivery route driver. Al now serves our east-side clients and has covered most delivery areas throughout his tenure. He says, “The relationships I have built get me out of bed every day, and I am so thankful for the great customers I have!” Al is a caring father and if you spend the day with him, it’s guaranteed that you will laugh out loud (more than once)! 

Distillata employee driving tow motor in Cleveland, Oh warerhouse

Stacy, Distillata start date: 6/12/1996

Thanks to a referral, Stacy began his career on our one-gallon bottle production line. He can now be found covering all areas of our manufacturing warehouse. He has enjoyed getting to know the owners, Keith and Kevin, so well. He says, “After being here this long they make you feel like you’re part of the family.” Stacy may look tough but he has a big heart that is made evident as a loyal husband and father. Plus, he adores animals of all kinds.

Distillata delivery driver pulling 5-gallon bottle out of truck

(Mark) a.k.a. Red, Distillata start date: 3/15/1993 

Red’s entry to Distillata was serendipity as he “accidentally” interviewed and got the job! He started as a backup delivery driver and soon earned his own route. Red comes to work every day excited to see his long-time customers. He has served some for over 15 years, and they have become true friends. Red is a proud Irishman, a loving grandfather, loyal Cleveland sports fan, and dog dad.

Not pictured:

  • Gary, Distillata start date: 11/01/1986
  • Josh, Distillata start date: 11/01/1987
  • Rich, Distillata start date:   6/27/1994
  • Bob, Distillata start date:    9/16/1996
  • Bridget, Distillata start date: 4/1/1998
  • April, Distillata start date: 4/1/1998
  • Chris, Distillata start date: 4/1/1998

How does a company stay in business for over a century? According to Vicki TenHaken – author of Lessons from Century Club Companies, featured in the article, Century-old businesses tell Greater Cleveland’s story, They have long-term relationships with employees as well as other business partners, customers, and suppliers. And they are active members of their communities. These companies see themselves as an integral part of a web of relationships.” We agree Vicki, cheers to 125 more years! 
Watch this video to learn more about Distillata and the history of bottled water in Cleveland, Oh.

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