Water Softener Salt Pellets – 40# bag


Minerals and contaminants in your water supply can lead to serious issues. Water softener salt delivery can help. Resingard pellets can be used in all types of units to remove dangerous contaminants that can damage your clothing and appliances. Plus, with salt for water softener delivery, your hair and skin will feel cleaner!

These water softener salt pellets immediately go to work to fight off mineral build-up, leading to the softened water you need. Purchase water salt for home or business delivery from Distillata today! Got rust? Try our Rust Out water softener salt instead.

Product Specifications

  • Removes calcium, magnesium, and other hard minerals.
  • Improves the taste of your water.
  • Provides softened water for a silky feel on skin and hair.
  • Regular use can help to extend the life of home appliances, plumbing, and water heaters.
  • Increases the efficiency of home appliances, plumbing, and water heaters.
  • Reduce the mineral build-up in sinks and showers.
  • 99% pure salt.
  • Water-soluble.
  • Made to reduce mushing and bridging in your water softener.
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Residential Salt Delivery

Our Water Softener Salt Pellets can help prevent the minerals in hard water from causing troublesome buildups in your home. This 40-pound bag of water softener uses ion exchange to break up the minerals in your water to extend the life of your pipes and appliances. At Distillata, we’re happy to provide salt home delivery for added convenience. Make us your first choice for softener salt delivery in Cleveland, Ohio.

Business Salt Delivery

Don’t let mineral buildup in your pipes and appliances disrupt your business operations. Distillata offers a 40-pound bag of water softener salt pellets that gives your busy company an economical way to extend the life of your office appliances. Our water softener uses ion exchange technology to remove the hard minerals in your water. For added convenience, Distillata offers water softener delivery across Northeast Ohio.