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Quick Guide: Bottle Deposits

How do 5-gallon water deposits work?

Here’s the skinny.

Our 5-gallon water bottles, also referred to as “carboys”, are subject to a $7.00 deposit. Each bottle purchased on your initial delivery will have an associated fee.

  • For example, 1 bottles = a $7.00 deposit, 2 bottled = $14.00 deposit, and so on.

Future deliveries will be handled as an even exchange.

  • For example, 1 full bottle is delivered and 1 empty bottle is picked up = no deposit.

The purpose of the bottle deposit system is to ensure that costs are kept low by maintaining a steady inventory of bottles for our production team. Also, our goal is to recapture the plastic containers for recycling through our partner program; in which Distillata 5-gallon bottles account for zero landfill contributions.

It is for this reason that any deliveries with a net negative exchange will be subject to an additional bottle deposit.

  • For example, 1 full bottle is delivered and no empties are picked up = $7.00 deposit.

The opposite concept applies to a net positive exchange.

  • For example, 1 full bottled are delivered and 2 empties are picked up = a $7.00 credit will be applied to your account.

*Unlike smaller beverage bottles that may be subject to a state-mandated bottle deposit program, 5-gallon water bottles are not subject to the collection of bottle deposits, and refunds are not paid for their return unless a receipt for their purchase is supplied or an associated account transaction. 

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