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Drinking Water Fountain FAQs

Drinking Water Fountain Maintenance Questions

Water fountains are often the unsung heroes of gyms, offices, or anywhere else you might find them. But what happens when they break down? At Distillata, we want people to have as much access to drinking water as possible.

In this article, we’re going to break down some essentials to water fountain maintenance, so you can keep providing water to your home or office. Explore 14 of the most common water fountain maintenance questions and answers to get the advice you need to get your water fountain running properly again.

My drinking water fountain is leaking, what should I do?

First, find the source of the leak. If water dribbles out the spout after you stop pushing the button or bar, there is a problem with your valve. Other common areas to look for a leak are the drain gasket, cooling tank, or quick connect push fittings.

If the leak is large, you should then turn the water off at the source and contact our water fountain, maintenance technicians. If the source of the leak is diagnosed ahead of time, our technician can be sure to have the proper parts with him and get your drinking water fountain operating leak-free asap!

Can I place a water fountain in a carpeted area?

We recommend that you place your water fountain in an area free of carpeting and hardwood floors. The use of water fountains brings the risk of possible leaks and splashes from use. This can cause damage and/or mold to carpeted or hardwood floors.

How far from the mouthpiece should the water flow?

When you push the button or bar to activate your water fountain, the water should flow free and clear of the mouthpiece by at least three inches. If this isn’t the case, call our water fountain maintenance team.

My water fountain has a lime build-up, what should I do?

In order to keep your water fountain operating properly, you should keep it free of lime build up. Lime can decrease the longevity of your unit over time and cause operational issues. For a routine cleaning of your drinking water fountain, use a simple over the counter lime removal product on a regular basis to prevent buildup from occurring. If you have a severe case of lime build up on your water fountain, contact us to perform a professional cleaning.

The compressor on my water fountain is warm and/or the fan will not shut off, what is wrong?

There are a few reasons your drinking water fountain might feel warm to the touch or cause the fan to run constantly. The fan may be covered in dust or debris, the refrigerant may need to be charged, the relay is defective, or the relay connection is loose. In most cases, this is a simple repair that our water fountain maintenance team can handle.

How often should my drinking fountain be cleaned?

Your water fountain should be kept cleaned and sanitized to ensure the safety of your family, employees, students, and the general public. If you’re wondering how to clean a water fountain, an easy place to start is focusing on the mouthpiece and the protective guard. We recommend that you clean your drinking water fountain at least once a day with a disinfectant cleaning solution.

You should have a certified drinking fountain specialist perform a complete inspection of your unit every six months. This will increase the longevity of your drinking water fountain, prevent downtime, and ensure that your unit is operating safely and free of defects that could cause health or safety issues.

Does my drinking water fountain have a warranty?

Warranty information varies between manufacturers. However, most drinking water fountains carry a five-year warranty.

The water is coming out of my drinking water fountain lukewarm. Is this normal?

Probably not. There are some drinking water fountains that do not chill the water. However, in most cases, your water should dispense cool water. There are several reasons the water may be lukewarm. First, check to make sure the unit is plugged in and the outlet is functioning properly. The cold control on your unit may be malfunctioning and in need of repair and/or replacement. Finally, the coolant may be in need of a charge.

Help, my water fountain is making a loud banging or grinding noise! What is it?

In most cases, this is a sign of a bad compressor. Unplug the unit immediately, mark it out of order and call for water fountain maintenance service.

What is causing the bad taste or odor in my water?

First, see if properly cleaning the water fountain removes the bad taste. If that doesn’t help, certain sealants used in the installation of drinking water fountains can cause a slightly foul taste or odor to your water for a short period of time.

If your unit has not been recently installed, the source water may be the culprit. This can be eliminated with water fountain cleaning, including professional flushing and sanitizing of the water fountain and the installation of a source water filter.

The flow from the mouthpiece of my drinking water fountain is very low. What should I do?

The answer is most likely that the strainer screen is plugged with debris. You should clean or replace the screen.

What causes a high water stream?

If the shut-off valve of your water fountain is not open all of the way, it can cause a backup of pressure, forcing the water higher than recommended. Open the shut-off valve all of the way to adjust the flow of the stream.

A partially restricted bubbler or orifice can also cause this. Mineral deposits cause back pressure (similar to placing your thumb partially over the end of a garden hose). Clean, sanitize and de-lime the bubbler.

Why is there no water coming out of my drinking water fountain?

Start by checking the shut-off valve and ensure that it is open all of the way. Next, check the strainer screen to see that it is clean and free of debris. If there is still no water flow, you may have a kinked internal water line or water is freezing in the evaporator. In this case, you should call for service.

Are bottle fill stations available?

Yes! We can retrofit most water fountains with a water bottle fill station, or dual installations are available for a new set up. Learn more about water fountain fill stations.

Let Distillata Help With Your Water Fountain Needs

From regular drinking water fountain maintenance to upgrading your units to be equipped with water bottled fill stations, Distillata is your go-to water fountain expert. If you’re having a problem with your water fountain or are interested in upgrading, contact our team today!

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