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6 Printable Water Bottle Labels For Valentines Day

Roses and chocolates are nice. But think back to the delight you felt over a box full of cheap paper cards in elementary school. Bet you remember those Valentine’s celebrations more than any others. It is time to show your love! Family, friends, teachers, the mail person…no one is exempt, and it does not need to be fancy. Keep it simple again this year with printable Valentine’s Day water bottle wraps. Plus, these make a perfect class party favor!

Always & Forever

(free printable)

aspen jay valentine bottle labels
Photo Credit:
happy valentines day chevron water bottle wrap
Photo Credit: Tips From a Typical Mom Blog

Love Heart

(free printable)

printable water bottle wrap and popcorn holder
Photo Credit: The Life of Jennifer Dawn
minimalist valentines day water bottle wraps
Photo Credit: Plum Polka Dot via Etsy

Love Potion #9

(Etsy $4.00)

love potion number 9 water bottle label for valentines day
Photo Credit: Linda Nee via Etsy

You Make My Heart Flip

(Etsy $4.50)

water bottles with custom valentines day label
Photo Credit: Meck Mom via Etsy

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