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8 Best Indoor Workouts in Cleveland

Winter in Cleveland is harsh. Outdoor activities are on hold until spring making working out a challenge. It’s dark out when we go to work and dark out again when we come home. But, we have something that other cities don’t >> grit. We don’t turn to hibernation. We turn to the thousands of unique indoor workout spaces.

There is a myriad of choices from rock climbing to barre and everything between. Some have turned empty warehouse space into a comfortable workout spot. All the fitness opportunities are welcoming and relationship building. The best part? There is a growing trend to pair fitness events with goats ????, beer ????, tacos ???? or all of the above!

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The best winter workouts in Cleveland:


Cleveland is plush with yoga options from the city to the suburbs. The most iconic is Cleveland Yoga. With studios on the east side, west side, downtown, and midtown a class is never far away. CY is a power yoga studio with training from Baron Baptiste; A.K.A. the classes are tough, hot, and worth every second.

Rock Climbing

Before I discovered Cleveland Rock Gym in Euclid, I thought of indoor rock climbing walls as cheesy activities for kids. Cleveland Rock Gym dismantles that perception with massive space and walls up to 30′ high. There are varying abilities and a “Boulder Club” to take your new found skills outdoors.

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Orange Theory

If you have not heard of Orange Theory yet, you must be living under a rock. Orange Theory is THE fitness rage. Franchises are popping up everywhere. They tend to be in a storefront location near popular shopping areas such as the new Pinecrest Center in Orange Village. Their workouts center around heart rate and calorie burn. Sessions start at about $15, and they are currently offering a free first-time visit!


The 1990’s phenomenon is making a comeback thanks to Club Pilates. Chagrin Falls is the latest home of the comfortable pilates studio and five more are scheduled to open soon. Pilates takes place in a group setting but, there is plenty of one on one instruction. It offers a low impact workout to build long and lean muscles with specialized equipment. P.S. They offer a free first visit too!

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Indoor Cycling

GrooveRydes (downtown Cleveland, Woodmere, and soon in Shaker Heights) is more than just indoor cycling. They also offer boxing, hiit, yoga, barre, and a specialized boot camp. Their philosophy is based in community with a personal touch absent the feel of big box gyms and digitalized workouts. A fun and effective workout is sure to be had with: RYZE+GRIND Bootcamp, Rock the Bells circuit training, and Beat Box!


Yoga Lounge and Barre in Hudson appears to offer all of the standard Vinyasa yoga classes plus barre, the latest phenomenon among local studios. But, don’t be fooled, their appeal comes in the form of unique workshops that more times than not involve beer (check out Yoga on Tap!).

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We can’t leave out to the oldie but goodie- Crossfit for a winter workout. Crossfit is making a comeback with new locations. One popped up on Superior near 22nd St. and more are scattered throughout the Land. Crossfit CLE is a perfect place to start. Be warned; there are no goats or tacos involved in this workout. Crossfit is grunge fitness at it’s best. This line on their WOD (workout of the day) sums up what to you can expect, “If you have a 20# vest or body armor, wear it.”

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