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Our Blog Author April Schroeder

Meet April

April Schroeder is the Digital Marketing Strategist at Distillata. Her role is an essential part of helping Northeast Ohio residents and businesses understand the importance of proper hydration. April is well versed in creative writing, digital marketing strategy, and of course, water. Thanks to April, our blog offers a unique and informed take on several topics such as:

  • Hydration and wellness tips for your business or family
  • DIY drink recipes that can be created with our water products
  • Helpful bottled water industry updates
  • An inside look at some of the products and service we offer at Distillata

April joined the family business in 1998. She immediately brought a sense of creativity as a way to provide valuable insights to our customers and community. She has a history of getting results in the food and beverage industry. April has a unique drive to keep learning and improving. That drive is helped her earn a degree in Environmental Studies from Hiram University and a Master’s Degree in Digital Audiences Strategies from Arizona State. Her goal is to use this knowledge to provide further value to our customers by sharing her 20+ years of experience in the bottled water industry on a convenient digital platform.

Distillata and April share a passion for the environment. When she’s not out exploring the outdoors, April helps the company give back to our planet. She even volunteered as a blog contributor for Greenpeace at one point on top of serving at zero waste events in Cleveland. Internally, she helped Distillata implement a plastic, cardboard, and paper recycling program. In addition, her favorite thing to do is teach customers how they can enjoy waste free bottled water!

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