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Does Bottled Water Contain Fluoride?

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The consumption of fluoride is a topic open for heated debate.  There are two strong, opposing opinions and seemingly no middle ground.  Talk to anyone in the dentistry field and you will be convinced that you absolutely must drink water that contains fluoride or all of your teeth will fall out.  Talk to some doctors and health conscious individuals and you will be convinced that, if you do drink it, you are going to die from fluoride poisoning.  Every article I read (and there were a lot) offered very compelling evidence supporting the opinion of the author as to whether fluoridated water is a good idea or not.

Is There Fluoride In Bottled Water and How Does It Get There?

1) Man made fluoride additives are considered much more dangerous than the naturally occurring variety.

The fluoride found in most bottled waters (unless otherwise specified) occurs naturally.  This eliminates any concern regarding the consumption of a man-made chemical. You should check with your supplier to verify the source of fluoride in the particular brand of bottled water that you drink most often.

2) The CDC recently lowered the recommended maximum amount of fluoride in municipal water to .7 mg/L.

The fact that the CDC lowered this recommended maximum level leads me to believe that consuming too much fluoride can be detrimental.  According to the City of Cleveland municipal water source analysis, there is 1 mg/L in Cuyahoga County tap water, slightly above the recommended maximum level. When it comes to my health, I tend to error on the side of caution or at least moderation.  Our bottled spring water contains .22 mg/L, premium drinking water contains .15mg/L.

Should You Only Drink Fluoride Free Bottled Water?

To answer the original question, yes some bottled water does contain fluoride.  Some is added manually, some occur naturally.  Yet other bottled waters that are treated such as distilled and reverse osmosis contain none. The fluoride content of our four different types of water is as follows:

Artesian Water = .22mg/L naturally occurring fluoride

Premium Drinking Water = .15mg/L naturally occurring fluoride

Distilled Water = none

Reverse Osmosis = none.

The choice is yours. In fact, that is what this all comes down to…choice.  With bottled water, you are making a conscious decision based on your interpretation of the evidence as to whether or not to ingest fluoride.  If you are following my school of thought- I tend to choose premium drinking water.  Not only because I enjoy the taste but, it allows me to reap the benefits of trace amounts of fluoride without the fearing too much of a good thing.  Want a little more fluoride? You can choose spring water or you can choose to go with none at all.

Choice…it is a beautiful thing.

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