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Easy Lemon Basil Hard Seltzer

There is nothing better than a warm summer evening in Cleveland. Fireflies, the orange hue of the setting sun, the chirping insects, we love it all! For a truly blissful experience, we like to sip a sparkling cocktail. Preferably with refreshing flavors like lemon or lime. 

Hard seltzer is all the rage these days, but why limit yourself? You can make a bubbly drink and rest assured that it contains only pure ingredients. Plus, using fresh herbs will make a dramatic difference in the flavor! 

Today, we will teach you how to make a lemon basil hard seltzer using all-natural ingredients. In fact, the herbs included may already be growing in your garden!

lemon basil spritzer recipe

Lemon Basil Hard Seltzer Recipe



  1. Crush or mull the basil in the bottom of a glass.
  2. Add the rest of the ingredients, give a slight stir, and enjoy.

Tip: try muddling a fresh leaf of mint with the basil for even more refreshing flavor!

lemon basil spritzer ingredients

How to make a lemon basil mocktail

This recipe can be adapted to a mocktail version. In case you are not hip to the lingo, mocktails are alcohol-free. Mocktails are an excellent addition to a summer lunch or a great choice for anyone avoiding alcohol. If you want to skip the vodka, replace the missing ounces in equal parts sparkling water and lemonade.

How many calories are in lemon basil hard seltzer?

There are about 146 calories in this recipe, depending on your lemonade choice. The sparkling water will reduce the sweetness of the lemonade. If you find that it is not sweet enough for you, try adding stevia or simple syrup.

What sparkling water should I use for hard seltzer recipes?

You can use any sparkling water in your hard seltzer recipes. San Pellegrino has a lighter mouthfeel and less carbonation. Mountain Valley offers more sparkle and comes in lime flavor, which might pair well with this recipe!

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