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How Often Should Pool Water Be Changed

Avoid Using Hard Pool Water

Want to start a great debate?  Ask several pool professionals how often you should change your pool water. You are bound to get a different answer from every one of them!  But, there are a few things that they will agree on:

Maintenance is critical when it comes to the quality of your pool water. Well maintained pool water can last up to 5, maybe even seven years before you need to replace it. This means weekly cleaning, functional filters, and checking ph levels every day. Usage is a huge determining factor. Public pools change their water regularly due to their high volume of swimmers but, your back yard oasis does not need to be treated the same.

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High-quality water is essential to the health of swimmers. Pools with unbalanced, old or untreated water can contain algae, E-coli and bacteria.
Hard water is more challenging to maintain. If you can avoid using hard water in your pool, it will significantly extend life and save you time by reducing maintenance headaches. If you’re using hard pool water, consider a pool filling service. There are a variety of reasons that your pool water may need to be replaced, including:

  • Extreme amounts of algae. If the algae in your pool get so bad that a chlorine shock doesn’t work, replace the water immediately. This can be a hazardous environment for you and your family.
  • Repairs. Replacing your pool water is unavoidable when it comes time to do liner repairs, masonry work, etc.
  • If the TDS level of your pool water reaches 1400 or more, you should consider replacing the water. This level is too high to treat with most chemicals and can be challenging to reduce and reclaim a balanced level. You may need a fresh start.
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Owning a pool can offer your family an incredible experience but, if it is not maintained correctly or you’re using hard pool water, that experience will turn into a disaster.  Follow these guidelines, and you should be happily splashing away the dog days of summer!

Do you have hard pool water or water that is simply old and needs to be replaced? Contact Distillata today for our bulk water delivery service! Our experts got you covered!

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