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Instant Hot Water at Your Fingertips

Fall is coming. It may be the most beautiful time of the year. September and October are full of rich flavors and colors. However, we can’t help but dread the impending doom of a harsh Cleveland winter.

Like you, we try to stay warm any way we can. Sipping hot beverages is one of our favorite warming methods. We savor aromatic teas and decadent hot chocolate all winter long. What if we told you it only takes us a few seconds to make each cozy cup?


making hot tea in a distillata mug with water cooler

With an instant hot spigot on your bottled water cooler you can make fast hot tea and cocoa too! Plus, you can use an instant hot spigot for:

  • soup
  • oatmeal
  • baby formula
  • thawing foods
  • loosening jars
  • soaking pans

In addition, the 180-degree water is a great jump start for those times when you do need to boil on the stovetop. By starting with the already heated water you can cut boiling time in half. Our custmers have also used it for things as obscure as removing labels from jars and a myriad of other tasks.

sipping hot tea at work

The hot reservoir of most water dispensers holds about a quart and a half of water and will provide up to 45 – 6-ounce cups per hour. Simply put, there will be plenty of piping hot H2O for you, your family or coworkers.

The best part is, the water will be fresh, pure bottled water that does not taste like chlorine. There is no installation and no additional kitchen counter or cupboard space is utilized.

sipping hot tea at home

But, it must cost an arm and a leg right?

No siree bob. In fact, it can be as little as an additional $3.00 per month if you are renting a water cooler. Quite an indulgence for such little money. Instant hot water is a simple pleasure, treat yourself this this winter.

Shop for instant hot and cold water coolers today and contact us if you have any questions!

Try these homemade tea recipes:


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