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Instant Hot Water at Your Fingertips

Let’s face it Ohio, summer is over. Fall is here. And yes, it may be one of the most beautiful times of the year full of rich flavors, colors, and aromas. But, quite frankly, I am already cold. As I sit here typing in my wool socks, flannel shirt, and sweater, I dread the impending doom of a harsh Cleveland winter.

There is one and only one thing that keeps me warmed from the inside out when the snow starts to fly- hot tea and coffee or sometimes even hot cocoa. I down this stuff like its water…well it kinda is but very hot, delicious, flavored water…all day long.

You may be wondering, how the heck do you have enough time to boil that much water?

making hot tea with distillata cooler

Since you asked, I don’t. I very rarely need to use my stove top to boil water because I have an instant hot spigot on my bottled water cooler. This little feature has saved me an incredible amount of time and come in handy so many times. Besides the obvious hot beverages, I have used my instant hot spigot for:

  • soup
  • oatmeal
  • baby formula
  • thawing foods
  • loosening jars
  • soaking pans

In addition, the 180-degree water is a great jump start for those times when you do need to boil on the stovetop. Start with the already heated water and your boiling time is cut in more than half. I have also used it for things as obscure as removing labels from jars and a myriad of other tasks.

hot tea in distillata mug

The hot reservoir of most dispensers holds about a quart and a half of water and will provide up to 45 – 6-ounce cups per hour. Simply put, there will be plenty of piping hot h2o for you, your family or coworkers. The best part is, the water will be fresh, pure bottled water giving you a great chlorine free taste. There is no installation as with the under the sink types of instant hot spigots and no additional kitchen counter or cupboard space is utilized.

Electricity usage is always a concern for me but, when I considered that I will not be using my stovetop kettle as often, the increase in consumption is insignificant if not nonexistent.

drinking hot tea from distillata mug

But, it must cost an arm and a leg right?

No siree bob. In fact, it can be as little as an additional $3.00 per month if you are renting a water cooler. Quite an indulgence for such little money if you ask me. Instant hot water is a simple pleasure that I have treated myself to for years and one that I don’t want to live without.

Shop for instant hot and cold water coolers today and contact Distillata with any questions!

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