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Seven Reasons To Drink Water Instead of Soda

You know deep down that you should not drink soda.  It is no secret that water is a MUCH better option.  Yet, you continue to drink it…we don’t blame you, you are addicted.  But, once you read the effects these seven soda ingredients have on your body, you will want to kick the habit today and join us in our quest to turn everyone away from soda and towards clean, refreshing water.

1) High fructose corn syrup.

This is a highly concentrated form of sugar that increases body fat, triglycerides and cholesterol.  Did you know that consuming high fructose corn syrup makes you hungry?  It is the beginning of a viscous circle that will lead you to diabetes and obesity.

2) Food dyes.

The unnatural coloring of food is a little known cause of hyperactivity, inability to focus and lack of impulse control. Besides soda, food dyes show up in pretty much every food that is marketed towards children.  And we wonder why they can’t sit still!

3) Formaldehyde.

Save the formaldehyde for your funeral. This compound occurs when aspartame breaks down in your body.  Aspartame is commonly used to sweeten diet sodas and has an unending list of dangers associated with its consumption.

4) Excessive artificial sweeteners.

Have you noticed that you crave a soda every day?  And that those cravings are getting stronger?  You can blame this on the addictive qualities of the artificial sweeteners found in your soda.

5) Phosphoric Acid.

The word acid in anything you are consuming cannot be good. Have you seen the demonstrations where a small amount of soda eats away at objects?  Well, it is doing the same thing to your bones, teeth, and stomach.

6) “Caramel”.

Don’t let them fool you, the caramel contained in soda is made from chemicals and is tainted with cancer causing carcinogens.

7) Potassium Benzoate.

This is a preservative that when exposed to sunlight and broken down in your body becomes yet another carcinogen.  I am beginning to think that soda is just one great big can of carcinogens.

The writing is on the wall. You simply have to stop drinking this stuff. I personally broke the habit years ago after finding myself looking forward to my can of pop every day.  I knew that feeling meant I was addicted and the unnatural ingredients were causing that. After kicking soda to the curb and creating a healthier routine of water consumption, I can honestly say that I have no desire to even take one sip. To be even more honest, it actually sounds kind of gross to me at this point. I guess once your body gets used to not ingesting these poisons, it doesn’t want to go back.

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