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How to Carry Water While Running

There is no greater need for access to hydration than when running great distances (or short ones for that matter). Maintaining fluid levels on your daily jog is essential for not only your performance but, your health. The problem all runners face is how to carry an ample supply of water without feeling weighted down.

There are a variety of solutions out there from backpacks to waste belts but, we believe a minimalist approach is the most sustainable. The easier it is to carry and access, the more likely you are actually to use it!

Best Way to Carry Water When Running

All of these ways to carry water while running fit easily in your hand or sit comfortably on your waist. In addition, they can all be filled from a bottled water cooler ensuring that your water is of the highest quality and optimal temperature. Don’t forget to refill when you return home, drinking water after your run is necessary to return your body to a proper hydration level!

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