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The Life of a Five Gallon Water Bottle

Single-use bottled water has a less than stellar reputation. For starters, it is wasteful. The bottles are piling up in landfills and contaminating our oceans. Also, corporations are drying up water aquifers right where they are needed most.

But, the answers to these issues do not need to be so extreme. Bans and protests are short-sighted and leave unanswered questions. What if I can’t drink my tap water? What if I enjoy the refreshing taste of water instead of soda? What if my business has contaminated pipes and I must supply an alternative?

There is a sustainable water bottle solution; you can have your water and drink it too. Without bans. Without guilt. Without skewed facts. Meet our friend, the 5-gallon water bottle. In this article, we will teach you why this is the most environmentally friendly bottled water.

5 gallon water jug in front of water dispenser

Our Five Gallon Sustainable Water Bottle

The 5-gallon water bottle is the backbone of our company. Clevelander’s have been enjoying the pure water in this format since 1897. The best part is, you (the consumer) can enjoy a healthy source of hydration without any remorse.

The life of a 5-gallon water bottle is long and arduous. These tough guys provide you with fresh water over and over again. We are proud to have a sustainable water bottle that considers the environment AND the needs of our clients.

placing 5 gallon water jug on dispener

The Journey of a Five Gallon Water Bottle

Distillata five gallon water bottles are manufactured in Pennsylvania. From there, they are shipped to our  Cleveland warehouse via semi-truck. They are inspected, sanitized, and filled within 48 hours. Then, they are taken on a carefully planned local route within our delivery area. You then become the new owner, or more appropriately, the borrower.

You see, 5-gallon bottles are not one and done, they are returnable. Similar to the old days of $.10 pop bottles. The returnable system is a proven way to reduce waste. It’s one of the ways our eco-friendly water bottle makes the right impact on your thirst and the environment. Once Joe Water Drinker finishes every last drop our bottle once again finds its way back to our shop via the same route. After a thorough inspection, testing, and sanitization, it is filled, sealed, and back out the doors. Our sustainable water bottles are re-used so you can enjoy your water cooler without any guilt or remorse.

The journey occurs dozens of times until the bottle finally reaches the point of retirement. At this time, the container is placed in our on-site plastic bailer to be compressed and recycled. I should mention the caps and the cardboard that the bottles come in are bailed and recycled, as well — resulting in zero waste! Our customers can feel good knowing our water bottles make a difference for their thirst and the local environment. The moral of the story is this is a sustainable method of bottled water delivery. Try this alternative rather than banning choices for a more effective way to reduce your impact.


man getting glass of water from cooler (1)

How to Clean 5 Gallon Water Bottles

You may be tempted to clean and refill your water bottles yourself. But, professional sanitation is a must. Please do not attempt to clean your bottles with vinegar or any other substance. This will render the bottle useless and end the reuse cycle early. To ensure the most use of your water bottles, you should never fill them with anything other than water. Plus, you may risk ingesting bacteria and other contaminants.

Where to Buy 5 Gallon Water Bottles

You can purchase filled 5-gallon water bottles here. You can choose from spring, distilled, reverse osmosis, and premium drinking water. Order now for fast delivery to your home or business!

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