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Should Bottled Water be Banned?

Colleges, businesses, and some entire cities have enacted plastic water bottle bans. We feel an obligation to speak up and take a stand against this idea.

There are some public leaders that feel they know what is best for you. They have decided that they can dictate your choices when it comes to beverage consumption. Their thought is to limit the availability of the planet’s healthiest drink. To a population that already struggles with sugar intake. Apparently, it is a wiser idea to offer soda, juices, and sports drinks. 

Plastic bottle bans eliminate hydrating, calorie-free water in public places. Because you can drink from (poorly maintained) water fountains instead. Even that is a big maybe. How often are water fountains available and actually functional?

backpacking in woods with distillata water bottle

Perhaps the only thing we agree with is that you should plan ahead and bring a reusable bottle. But like you, we forget things. Picture this – you are at work, school, the mall, the airport, a sporting event and you are thirsty. You have forgotten your reusable bottle or it may be dirty. There are no water fountains,  what do you do? 

When bottled water has been banned you have no choice but to buy a soda, sports drink, or sugary juice.

To that leader, our question is…why not ban soda and kill two public issues with one stone…plastic waste and obesity? After all, soda bottles are tossed into the trash at an astonishingly higher rate than water bottles. 

distillata refillable water bottle in backpack

A Fresh Alternative to Bottled Water

Better yet, let us propose a viable solution – a drinking water service. With 5-gallon water jug refills, you can offer your patrons easy access to high-quality drinking water. Instead of sipping from a lukewarm water fountain or buying soda, let us refill our bottles from a water cooler. This option is chock full of eco-friendly benefits including: 

  • Zero waste. 
  • Local water source. 
  • Access to high-quality, chilled water.
distillata ecofriendly refillable water bottle

Bans simply are not necessary. With a drinking water service, you will encourage your patrons to refill instead of choosing single-use plastic bottles. Rather than limiting choices that may backfire with concerning health issues. 

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