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The New Popular Bans on Bottled Water

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There is a growing trend in colleges, businesses and some entire cities to ban the sale of bottled water.  We feel an obligation to speak up and take a stand against this new wave of protest.

There seem to be some public leaders out there that feel as if they know what is best for you.  They have decided that they can dictate your choices when it comes to beverage consumption.  Their utterly brilliant idea (can you sense the sarcasm?) is to limit the availability of the planet’s healthiest beverage to a population that is slowly killing itself with sugar intake.  Apparently,  it is a wiser idea to offer our obese, diabetic citizens soda, juices, and sports drinks rather than hydrating, calorie-free water.  Because,  you (the citizens) can drink from (poorly maintained) water fountains and since you have so much time on your hands and have nothing else to think about, you can plan ahead and bring a reusable bottle with you to work or school.

Picture this,  you are at work, school, the mall, the airport, a sporting event… wherever you are, you are thirsty.  You have forgotten your reusable bottle or it may be dirty. There are no water fountains,  what are your choices?  Well,  now that the ban has been passed you have no choice but to buy a soda, sports drink or sugary juice.

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To that leader, our question is…why not ban soda and kill 2 public issues with one stone… landfill issues and obesity?  After all,  soda bottles are tossed into the trash at an astonishingly higher rate than water bottles.  If drinking from a water fountain or using a reusable water bottle are the options you are offering us,  why not ban all drinks in plastic bottles?

As with any problem,  this solution is only a band-aid.  And it is a freedom of choice limiting band-aid.  The bigger issue of recycling is what should be addressed.  Perhaps guiding individuals to make good choices and at the same time have a healthy thirst-quenching option available to them if needed in a pinch.

What is your opinion?

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