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What is Reverse Osmosis Water?

Reverse Osmosis (commonly called RO) water has been enjoyed for drinking, manufacturing, and other applications for many years. The reverse osmosis purification process was originally used by the US Navy to provide water for their submarine crew members. Believe it or not, they actually removed the salt from seawater to make a potable beverage enabling their men to stay aboard for extended periods of time.

In recent years reverse osmosis has really taken off as water of choice for many consumers. Not only is the process reputable, but the resulting water also tastes light and refreshing. Reverse osmosis water can be purchased bottled or in-line point of use units are available giving you a constant flow of ice-cold RO water.

But, how does it work?

what is reverse osmosis water

No matter the method of delivery the process is generally the same. The short story is…source water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane that removes 99% of the dissolved inorganic solids. I like to describe it as an intense filtration process. The membrane catches the solids but, allows the water to flow through. However, to create truly polished water there are a few more steps. To be precise there are five. You will often hear this process referred to as five-stage reverse osmosis filtration.

  • First, source water goes through a pre-sediment filter removing larger solids and as the name states, sediment.
  • Next, the water travels through not one but, two pre-carbon filters removing chlorine, volatile organic compounds, taste and odor.
  • We then move along to the reverse osmosis filter that will take care of the remaining dissolved solids.
  • Finally, we finish with the final carbon filter delivering a fresh-tasting and smelling product.
reverse osmosis water
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As you can see RO water does go through quite an extensive undertaking. But, the results are so high quality that it is worth the extra effort to complete all five stages. Reverse osmosis water solves a lot of issues for many areas with dire water situations. Luckily, we are blessed enough to simply enjoy the taste and quality of this fine water choice. Purchase reverse osmosis water from Distillata today!

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