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How to Set up a New Water Cooler

You have taken the wise step of moving your family or employees away from the tap to great tasting water you can trust. With a water dispenser in your home or office, you will drink more and feel healthier as a result. Get started now by setting up your new water dispenser quickly with these easy steps.

How to set up a new water cooler

  1. Place the unit near a grounded electrical outlet (do not plug the unit in yet).
  2. Pour about 1-gallon of tap water into the reservoir
  3. Hold down both spigots to flush the system
  4. Load a fresh 5-gallon bottle on the water cooler
  5. Drain 2-3 cups of water out of the red spigot to prime the hot tank
  6. You can now plug in the water cooler
  7. Turn on the hot tank using the switch on the back of the cooler

You will have hot and cold water in about five minutes! Have questions? Contact us here for quick answers.

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