Artesian Spring Water – 16.9 oz Bottles (24 ct)


Kick soda to the curb with our travel size water bottles! With 24 bottles per case, you will be well stocked and able to keep a bottle with you for a nearly guaranteed increase in your water consumption.

Our bottles are now made with an award-winning package design that focuses solely on reduced waste and increased sustainability. Not only are the bottles 100% recyclable but, they now have a thinner body, as well as a smaller cap and label, reducing the amount of plastic used right out of the gate. This decrease offers a two-fold benefit, first…less plastic from the start and second, a lighter weight allowing more per delivery, reducing vehicle emissions.  In addition, the case is wrapped in a state of the art Eco-Air manner eliminating the need for full coverage or a cardboard liner.

These bottles are 100% recyclable (caps on in Cuyahoga County!) and the plastic film can be dropped off at participating grocery stores.

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1 case, pallet of 84

Residential Bottled Water Delivery

The health and wellness of your family is always top of mind. But depending on where you live in Northeast Ohio, it’s natural to be cautious about what comes out of the tap. With our 24 bottled spring water option, you’ll have healthy and travel-friendly water. Our bottled spring water is focused on reducing waste and improving the sustainability of our community. Not only are our bottles 100% recyclable, but our 24 pack cases don’t even use a cardboard liner. And you don’t have to worry about dragging heavy cases of water to and from the store. With our spring water delivery in Cleveland, we can give your family some added convenience. Our spring water delivery has been a trusted service to families in Northeast Ohio for decades. Keep your family hydrated and healthy today!

Bottled Water Delivery For Businesses

Is your business or office looking for a reliable source of bottled spring water? At Distillata, our 24 pack of bottled spring water is the perfect option. Our eco-friendly water bottles are perfect for your employees to stay hydrated on the go or to entertain clients in the office. Plus, our bottled spring water is focused on reducing waste while promoting sustainability in our community. Our spring water bottles are 100% recyclable and we are always on the lookout for new ways to improve our packaging. Getting great tasting bottled spring water for your office or business has never been easier. With our spring water delivery services, your water can be delivered right to your business with no hassle.