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11 Summer Hydration Tips

Rising temperatures come with an increased risk of dehydration or worse yet, heat stroke. Your water needs change with temperature especially when exercising.

Dehydration can lead to a myriad of side effects including fatigue, difficulty concentrating, confusion, moodiness, headaches, and nausea. These symptoms cannot be taken lightly – heat stroke can be fatal.

Maintaining your body heat by staying properly hydrated in summer weather is critically important. Paying attention to certain cues and implementing new habits are key to making this happen.

taking large water bottle out of delivery van

How to stay hydrated in summer

  1. Always have water with you, we recommend a high-quality bottle that you can refill from your water cooler.
  2. Never reach the point of thirst. If you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated.
  3. Herbal tea counts!
  4. Infuse your water with fruits to add variety.
  5. Eat water-rich foods such as cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, radishes, bell peppers, cauliflower, watermelon, and strawberries.
  6. Try flavored ice cubes, click here for some starter recipes.
  7. Drink before, during, and after every exercise.
  8. Avoid alcohol.
  9. Eat salty foods in addition to increased hydration if you will be performing a heavy exercise. This will replace electrolytes and help you avoid heat stroke.
  10. Drink water with every meal.
  11. Exercise at cooler times of the day.
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I would add that the addition of a water cooler in your home or office is also an integral component to ultimate hydration. The ease of access to water coolers provide will take your consumption to an entirely new level. In addition, water coolers provide a waste-free option about which you can feel great!

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