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6 Ways Water is Your BFF During the Holidays

The holidays, a time for celebration by way of overindulgence in food and alcohol. I love this season and am first in line to partake in eating and a little drinking. I always intend to moderate and approach every situation with a calorie count and drink limit in mind. I often fail, it is easy to get caught up in the merriment and cheer. But, there are a few tricks that have worked, and they all involve my holiday BFF–water. 

1-To detox

After a particularly sugar, grease or alcohol filled night; dilute the pollution. Drink a large glass of water before bed and first thing the following morning to prevent hydration and detoxify your body. This practice is a great way to reduce sluggishness.

*Pro tip: take the detox up a notch with fruit infused water. Lemon and cucumber are excellent cleansers and can help aid in digestion while boosting your immune system. Berries provide anti-inflammatory antioxidants and mint can soothe an upset stomach. 

2- It Fills You Up

As the adage goes, everything in moderation. When you face a beautiful spread of holiday treats with an empty stomach, moderation is near impossible. Before getting in line for the endless buffet, drink a glass of water. It would be best if you had already downed half your body weight (you weigh 150lbs, drink 75 oz of water) before you even get to the partyEat the pumpkin pie, have a turkey leg, just a little less of it and water can help you do that. 

3- It Prevents Hangovers

Try alternating a glass of water between each alcoholic drink. This practice will reduce the number of calories you take in. Also, it may save you some public embarrassment by keeping you from getting tipsy.

4- It Keeps Colds Away

A robust immune system is important during the holidays as everyone, and their brother has a cold. You will be exposed to more people than usual, and most likely there will be handshakes and hugs. Water keeps your mucous membranes functioning. In turn, they catch the invaders that make you sick. If you do become ill, water can help to shorten your recovery time. 

5- It is Sugar-Free

Drinking your calories is never a good thing unless it is a kale filled protein smoothy. Otherwise, the 400 sugar-filled calories in a small cup of eggnog will do nothing but expand your waistline. Drinking sugary drinks will pack on the pounds and cause an insulin spike resulting in false hunger. Opt for water instead or at least a sugar-free tea or tonic.

6- It Saves Calories

It is evident that plain water can cut calories but, let’s not forget about sparkling water. Sparkling water provides a satisfying fizz, helps you to feel full, and makes a great calorie-free mixer. You can create a tasty “mocktail” or opt for the real thing. Either way, sparkling water contains no calories or sugar. But it does have all the taste you need for a holiday toast 🍸(try our Blackberry Pomegranate Vodka Tonic recipe). 

Life is too short to abstain from holiday pleasures. With a little self-control and the aid of water, you can reduce the impacts of overindulgence.

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