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7 Ways Water Can Help With Resolutions

Resolutions are easy to make and easier to abandon. We set lofty goals on New Years Day and forget they exist by the 15th. Visit any gym in those first two weeks of the year and you will see a jam packed parking lot. Come back in a month and there are plenty of open spots.There is a reason that most resolutions fall by the way side– it is hard to establish new habits. To stick to New Years resolutions we need every ounce of help we can get. Even the tiniest tips and tricks can give us the edge we need to succeed.

The most popular New Years resolutions include: lose weight, focus on self care, save money, exercise more, drink less alcohol, get better sleep, and be more productive. After analyzing all seven, we determined a common denominator…water! Water can help you achieve each one.

How Water Can Help You Succeed With New Years Resolutions

1) Lose weight

According to The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the average person drinks 400 calories per day! If losing weight is your goal, switching to calorie-free water is essential. To lose one pound, you must cut 3500 calories from your diet. So, by drinking water instead you will lose one pound every nine days or 3.5 pounds every month!

water calorie facts

2) Focus on self care

Self-care means a healthier you. Water is an essential part of overall health and plays a critical role in the proper functioning of bodies. Water can aid in healthy musclesheartjoints, and glowing skin. Also, headaches may be reduced, and you are bound to feel better in general with proper hydration.

3) Save money

Have you ever heard the term “$10’ed to death?” How about $640’ed to death? That is how much you may be spending on colas, juices, and sports drinks in one year according to If you are hoping to save money in the new year, switch to low-cost water now and keep a huge chunk of change with minimal effort.

save money by drinking water statistic

4) Exercise more

Drinking water can increase your energy levels in three ways. First, dehydration causes fatigue. Second, by hydrating with water, you will avoid the energy crashes caused by sugary drinks. Finally, your body will be functioning better. This will allow you to perform exercises more easily and increase your chances of sticking to them.

5) Drink less alcohol

Drinking less alcohol is tough because nobody wants to miss out on the party. Alternating between water and a cocktail can help. This trick allows you to live it up, just a little less. Another great way to reduce your alcohol consumption is to make mocktails with sparkling water instead.

drinking water to avoid hangover

6) Get better sleep

Staying hydrated throughout the day may help to reduce leg cramps and snoring at night. Both can wake you and ruin a restful nights sleep. Drinking a consistent amount of water in your waking hours can keep muscles limber and nasal passages hydrated. But, take care not to drink too much near bedtime as trips to the bathroom may counteract your efforts.

7) Be more productive

After drinking only water for a month, Chris Bailey at A Life of Productivity reported, “I feel more energetic and less likely to put stuff off. This is perhaps the biggest change I’ve noticed since changing my fluid intake.” Not surprising when you consider that our brain is 75% water. Drinking water can help to keep you focused and in turn increase productivity.

water for brain health statistics

What are your resolutions for the New Year and do you think water can help? If so, Distillata can help you achieve your goals! Try a water cooler in your home or office for free and keep yourself hydrated as you kick off this new year!

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