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Kid Friendly: Easy Science Experiments With Water

Pop quiz. Which of these is true?

  1. Science is for school or fancy labs.
  2. Learning happens from studying books.
  3. Kids don’t like science.

Hopefully, you agree it is a trick question – they are all false. How do you explain density, air pressure, and other concepts to your kids? Do fun science experiments at home. Your kids will enjoy learning from engaging activities rather than a boring old book. Start with these easy science experiments with water.

walking rainbow water experiment

Walking Rainbow Water Experiment

With this experiment, your kids will learn how trees “drink” water via capillary action. You can also teach younger children how colors combine to form new colors.

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tornado in a bottle experiment

Tornado in a Bottle Experiment

Duplicate the spin of a tornado using centripetal force and your kids will learn about the power of a vortex. All that with just a plastic bottle, water, and glitter!

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cornstarch and water experiment

Cornstarch and Water Experiment

In this activity, you will teach your kids about liquids versus solids. We bet everyone will be stumped when you ask them if the mixture is a liquid or a solid! Warning: this one will need a bit of cleanup.

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oil and water experiment

Oil and Water Experiment

Try this density analysis and you will be mesmerized by the slow-falling colors. More importantly, your kids will learn what happens when oil and water combine. 

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water bottle experiment to mimic the water cycle

Water Cycle Experiment

Create a water cycle in a bottle to mimic vaporization and condensation. You will make your own tiny rainstorm and your kids will love it!

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pepper and soap science experiment

Pepper and Soap Experiment

What happens when you combine pepper and soap? You have to try this activity to find out. The pepper and soap experiment teaches buoyancy and surface tension disguised as a magic trick.

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Does salt sink or float in water

Salt Water Density

Density is the theme of the saltwater experiment. The Science Kiddo tossed in a little scientific method with controls and variables. You can too for your pre-teens. The younger scientists might be more interested in mimicking the ocean.

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water candle experiment

Water Candle Experiment

Want to hear some oohs and ahhs? The candle water experiment will do the trick as air pressure causes water to defy gravity!

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Who says science has to be boring? With these water experiment ideas, your kids won’t even realize they just had a lesson in capillary action, centripetal force, liquids vs. solids, density, vaporization and condensation, buoyancy and surface tension, density, and last but not least – air pressure.

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