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Our Solution to the Bottled Water Controversy

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Early this week we brought the ever growing proposed bottle water bans to the table.  You can read our views here but,  in a nutshell, we vehemently oppose the bans.  I truly believe that you can’t oppose a pending solution to an issue unless you have a BETTER solution… and we do.

Human beings by nature do not like to be told what to do or what they can or can not have.  We tend to immediately rebel.  Therefore,  we are suggesting alternatives to help reduce waste caused by portable size bottled water.

We have always and always will recommend using a bottled water cooler in your home or office.

A well-made water cooler will last many years.  The 5-gallon bottle that is used to dispense the water is sanitized and re-used hundreds of times.  Once the bottle does reach the end of its useable life,  reputable bottled water companies will recycle the bottle.  This system is virtually waste-free.  You and your employees or family members can refill your portable sized water bottles from the water cooler reducing waste or better yet fill a stainless steel bottle and keep it with you in your travels.

Use a water filtration system.

Please,  invest in a decent water filter.  Do not buy the cheap units that connect to your faucet from a big box store. Consult a professional and let us suggest a system that will provide you with safe, great tasting water.  There is a massive variety of water filters available, ranging from a simple under the sink installation to a whole house/ office unit.

Perhaps the biggest consideration that tends to get ignored is,  where did the product come from.  The globalization of the food and beverage system is killing our planet and reducing the quality of what we put into or bodies tremendously. A bottle of water that came from Fiji for example certainly has a larger carbon footprint than a bottle produced in your hometown.  Shipping materials, fuel,  emissions, it is all reduced when you simply buy local.

We are simply suggesting a middle ground.  A better alternative. Perhaps if the colleges, business’s and entire towns that have issued bottled water bans would provide bottled water coolers, water filtration units and/ or locally manufactured bottled water this would be a better solution than simply “drink from the tap”.  I am willing to bet there would be little or no opposition if these alternatives were put on the table.

Try a waste free bottled water cooler in your home or office FREE for 30 days!

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