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Water Coolers For Business

Providing a water cooler in your business is an easy and appreciated benefit for your employees. Plus, it may also help increase your bottom line. Keeping your staff hydrated has been proven to drive up productivity, cognitive function, energy levels, and overall mood.

Also, an office water dispenser will satisfy your OSHA requirement to provide a steady supply of potable water. OSHA states that a business must assure access to drinking water; it must be easily obtained and dispensed in a sanitary manner. With one more caveat; cups should be supplied. An office water dispenser does all of those things (

Hydration is a workplace issue as most of us spend the majority of our lives there. As an employer, you are legally obligated to assure your employees have proper access to clean water. How do you guarantee that they are actually drinking it?

placing water bottle on cooler

I am sure that workers are less than motivated to source their drinking water from the bathroom tap or other unsavory locations. To gain confidence that they are maintaining a healthy consumption, a water cooler for your business is an excellent motivator.

Also, you will want to be sure to train management to encourage workers to drink throughout the day and allow breaks for drinking opportunities. Hot environments are especially vulnerable to dehydration symptoms; however, those exposed to the cold and air-conditioned building are also susceptible to the side effects.

bottom load water cooler in kitchen

The cost of supplying and office water dispenser is minimal, especially when weighed against the benefits your business will receive from healthy workers. Installation is a breeze, with little or no disruption to your day.

Your supply of water will be replenished regularly by a personal water delivery professional, trained in designing a schedule in line with your business needs. Maintaining a water cooler for your business is a piece of cake, just leave it to us. We will keep your water cooler sanitized and operating correctly, allowing you and your staff to focus on work.

hot and cold water cooler

The best news is you can try a water cooler free in your business! This trial run is a great way to see if an office water cooler is right for you. Try a cooler free in your business for 60 days!

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