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Office Water Filtration Units

Looking to rent or buy a water filtration system for your office? Distillata has a variety of units available to ensure your needs are met. Take a moment to review our available water filtration units and find the system that’s right for your organization.

WS 11000

Spec Sheet

WS 9000

Spec Sheet

9000 CT Countertop

Spec Sheet

WS 1000 CT Countertop

Oasis Mirage
Includes leak detector
Dispenses hot and cold water ✓
Stainless steel reservoir ✓
Touch activated sensor
Self-dispense pad operation
Fits all Wellsys filter combinations inside the unit
5 year warranty 3 yr.
Continuous tanks sanitation ✓
BSP Capsule
SMART cooler with digital display
Electronic controls
Custom settings capabilities
Reverse Osmosis capabilities
Ultra Filtration capabilities
No drain needed
Countertop compact design
Fits below cabinets
Dishwasher safe drip tray ✓ ✓ ✓

Our water filtration systems are a great addition to any office or workspace and offer numerous benefits for employees the environment and your bottom line.

Office Water Filtration Benefits

Enhance employee performance. Staying hydrated helps keep people energized, raises metabolism, and can even increase brain activity!

Inspire healthy choices. Employees who have access to office water filtration systems are more likely to choose water over sugary, unhealthy options such as soda pop.

Save money. It’s actually less expensive to run an office water filtration system than it is to run a vending machine.

Reduce company waste. Using refillable water bottles helps reduce company waste and the number of plastic bottles or cans thrown away on a daily basis.

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