Pure Water Filter PW90-M/R

Touchless Water Purifier

Pure water filters for homes and offices are superior water purification systems. Enjoy fresh tasting water, from a filtration system, with features that are second to none. Pure Water Technology is a leading water filtration company. They loaded the PW90 with all the bells and whistles, including unparalleled hygiene. Hands-free dispensing reduces the spread of germs. Activated oxygen self-clean and antimicrobial surfaces will keep your unit sanitized.

The PW90 comes with 24/7 monitoring and customizability. The Bluetooth-enabled app and LCD screen assure your water cooler will produce the best-purified water. On top of the high-end technology, this water dispenser offers a sleek and attractive design. Plus, it is durable with a reinforced steel frame.

Drink clean, polished water with advanced multistage filtration. You can serve your family, employees, and visitors without draining the large capacity three-gallon cold tank. Order your Pure Water PW90 water filter today for fast installation and these added benefits:

  • Reduced drinking water cost
  • One easy bill
  • No bottle storage

Free installation. Free filter changes and cleanings with rental option. Complimentary trial.


Pure Water Filtration: The Best Drinking Water in Six Steps

  1. Sediment Filter: reduces solids such as dirt, rust, and silt
  2. Carbon Block Filter: reduces organics such as lead, chemicals, solvents, and chlorine
  3. Reverse Osmosis (optional): .0001 micron membrane reduces inorganics such as TDS, dissolved metals, and arsenic
  4. Granular Activated Carbon Filter: polishes water for a refreshing taste
  5. Boost Water Enhancement (optional): adds alkalinity, minerals, and electrolytes
  6. Activated Oxygen: maintains water freshness and system cleanliness

Spec sheet: Pure Water PW90R filtration unit

Read more about the auto water circulation and deep clean modes.

Watch this video to learn more about the Pure Water PW90 Water Filter:



  • Proximity detection sensors for hands-free dispensing of cold and hot water.
  • Deep clean mode sanitizes the water reservoir, water lines, and drip tray. 
  • Auto freshness cycle periodically circulates water to preserve freshness.
  • Bluetooth-enabled app for continuous monitoring. 
  • Optional boost water enhancement. 
  • Reinforced steel frame for high durability.
  • Energy-saving mode to reduce your power consumption.
  • Large 3-gallon cold water tank. 
  • Hot water safety lock to eliminate the risk of burns.
  • Antimicrobial surfaces
  • Advanced Pure Water filtration technology means multistage filtration certified to industry standards.


  • Weight: 69.9 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 14” W x 50.9” H x 17” L
  • Cold tank capacity: 3 gallons
  • Hot tank capacity: .5 gallon
  • Dispense area: 11.5” tall
  • Recommended water pressure: 40-80 PSI
  • Voltage/ frequency: 120v / 60hz | 220v / 50hz
  • Power: hot 2.5A / 300W | cold 1A / 120W