Wellsys Replacement Water Filters


You have enjoyed fresh-tasting, safe water from your Wellsys water filter system. To maintain that quality it is important to change the filter packs on a regular schedule. With the Wellsys low-hassle system, you only have to replace them once a year! 

Water Filter Replacement Schedule

Your system is equipped with a standard four filter pack and either a UF or RO membrane. The filter change schedule for each is as follows:

  • 4 filter pack (Sediment + Pre-Carbon + Biosure + TCR) = replace every 12 months
  • Ultrafiltration membrane (UF) = replace every 36-60 months depending on usage and water quality
  • Reverse Osmosis membrane (RO) = replace every 36-60 months depending on usage and water quality
  • Air Filter

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The four-stage filter pack includes:

  1. Sediment (PS-12)
  2. Precarbon (PC-12)
  3. Biosure
  4. TCR (TCR-12)

Optional and sold separately:

Additional information


4 filter pack $69.99, RO membrane $59.99, UF membrane $47.99, Bio sure $28.99, Sediment $12.99, Precarbon $15.99, TCR $15.99, Air filter $10.99

Return and exchange policy

You may return or exchange unused Wellsys replacement filter cartridges within 30 days of purchase. They must be in the original packaging with no signs of use. Out-of-state customers will be responsible for return postage. All refunds will be processed as soon as the item is returned to our warehouse. To initiate a return or exchange please contact us here.


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