Elkay Drinking Fountain Filter Add On


Get better tasting, odor-free water for your patrons with an Elkay or Oasis drinking fountain filter. Our on-staff professionals can install a new inline filter or perform an Oasis or Elkay water fountain filter replacement with no disruption to your day. By adding an activated carbon filter to your water fountain you will reduce lead, contaminants, and chlorine. You can finally enjoy odor-free, crystal clear drinking water!



  • Replacement or new installation options available
  • Service will be scheduled within two business days
  • Activated carbon filters
  • Reduces odors, discoloration, lead, chlorine, and other contaminants
  • Elkay or Oasis inline new or replacement filters or Elkay Sentry replacement filters available.

How long do Elkay filters last?

We suggest replacement every 3,000 gallons or once per year. 

Our team can install, diagnose, maintain, and repair all drinking fountain brands. Contact us for other drinking fountain services or repairs here. 


Additional information


Elkay or Oasis Inline Water Filter New Installation $140, Elkay or Oasis Inline Water Filter Replacement $140, Elkay Sentry Water Filter Replacement $220