White Ceramic Crock


Our ceramic crock water dispenser combines form and function! Enjoy room temperature water dispenser anywhere (perfect for small spaces). The attractive, minimalist design looks great on kitchen counters, adding a warm touch while providing easy access to healthy hydration. 

This unit is compatible with any of our 3 or 5-gallon plastic water bottles. We do not recommend using glass bottles as the added weight may cause a tipping hazard.

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Crock only, Crock and wooden stand +35.50

Home Water Coolers

Add a minimalist touch to your kitchen while keeping your family hydrated with our White Ceramic Crock. This white ceramic crock combines form and function while having the ability to be taken outdoors or to family events. Your family will have access to healthy hydration throughout the day and purified water for cooking.

Our White Ceramic Crock is compatible with any of Distillata’s three or five-gallon water bottles. Plus, we can help keep your new crock filled with high-quality water by offering reliable home water bottle delivery in Northeast Ohio.

Office Water Coolers

You can give everyone at your business or office easy access to room temperature water with our White Ceramic Crock. The minimalist design looks great in your office kitchen or in a conference room to entertain clients. Our White Ceramic Crock gives everyone at your business the opportunity to stay hydrated throughout the day or use the purified water for making coffee or meals.

This white water crock combines form and function while being able to hold any of our three or five-gallon water bottles. Distillata can even help your new water crock stay stocked with reliable water bottle delivery for business in the Cleveland and Akron area.