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Pool Filling FAQs

Swimming Pool Water Delivery and Filling Services

It’s that rare time of year for Northeast Ohio when we shake off the cold of winter and get ready for nicer weather. Better weather means it’s time to get some use out of your swimming pool. Did you know that Distillata offers pool filling services? If you’re filling your pool with water for the first time this year, let us handle the hard work while you relax and enjoy your pool. We have specialized trucks to complete water delivery for pools. This unique service comes with questions. We created this FAQ section so you have everything you need to know about having your pool filled by one of our water haulers.

Why not just use a hose to fill my pool?

This is common for people who are filling their pool with water for the first time. Filling your pool with a hose is certainly a sensible and viable solution. However, it takes an average of 12-24 hours to fill even a small pool.

Can you fill a pool with well water?

You should not fill your pool with a hose if you are using well water. Doing so imposes a risk of damaging your well pump and/or running your well dry.

What type of water do you use to fill pools?

We will fill your pool with either our artesian spring water or distilled water.

How big is your truck?

We have large tanker trucks that complete water delivery for pools that are 6200 gallons or more. 6200 gallons is our minimum delivery.

How much water do I need?

You can use these simple equations to figure our how much water you need to fill your pool

Above Ground Rectangle and Round Pools: Length of pool x Width x Depth x 5.9 = Gallons needed

Above Ground Oval Pool: Length x Width x Depth x 7.9= Gallons needed

In Ground Pool: Length of pool x Width x Depth x 7.5= Gallons needed

(Average Depth = shallow end + deep end divided by 2)

How long does scheduling take?

We do our best to schedule your pool filling within 48 hours. During the busy spring months, an advanced notice of 5 business days is appreciated.

How long does it take to fill a pool?

Our swimming pool water delivery process will take approximately 45 minutes to empty one tanker. There is minimal set up time and transportation time in between tanker deliveries (depending on how many will be needed to fill your pool).

Pool is far from the road

We are equipped to fill swimming pools that are no more than 300 feet from the street.

How do I pay for my pool filling?

We require payment in full of a credit card before the pool filling delivery is made.

Do you repair and/or service pools?

No, we are not equipped to repair or service swimming pools.

How soon can I use my pool?

After the pool has been filled, chemicals should be applied to keep the water clear and safe to swim in. The standard wait time depends on the chemicals that you use. You will need to consult with a pool expert to establish which chemicals should be added to the water and how long you should wait before the pool is safe to use.

Is there a minimum amount of water you will deliver?

There is a 6200-gallon minimum for delivery.

What areas do you service?

We are located out of Cleveland and service most of Northeast Ohio. Our Cleveland location provides pool filling service to Geauga, Cuyahoga, Lorain, Ashtabula, Lake, Summit, Portage, Stark, Trumbull, Mahoning, and Medina counties.

Do I need to be home on my delivery date?

Yes, we do require that a responsible party over the age of 18 be present while we fill your swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Water Delivery from Distillata

We’ve been serving the Northeast Ohio area for over 120 years. Whether you are an annual customer or filling your pool with water for the first time, our family-owned company is ready to serve you. Use our live chat feature or send us a message to learn more about our pool filling services.

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