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5 Fact About Mountain Valley Spring Water

We share a special kinship with Mountain Valley Spring Water. We are the official distributor in Cleveland and the surrounding area. Plus, our histories are similar. They began in 1871 – we began in 1897. Their original owners were pharmacists Peter and John Greene – our original owner was also a pharmacist! 

You have probably heard of them. Or, at least seen it on the shelves of grocery stores like Heinens, Mustard Seed, and Whole Foods. Maybe you have even spotted the famous green glass packaging on movie and television show sets. Leaving you to wonder, what’s the big deal with this stuff? 

Where is Mountain Valley Spring Water from?

The water starts its journey from a granite and marble aquifer 1600 feet below the surface. From there, it travels through natural filters made of shale, sandstone, and limestone. According to Mountain Valley, this process takes about 3500 years!

Mountain Valley draws water from this protected source. It is nestled below the Ouachita Mountains in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Picture lush, tree-covered hills with rivers and streams below. Nearby sits the warehouse, meaning that this water is bottled fresh at the source. 

Is Mountain Valley Spring Water good for you?

Proper hydration from a safe water source is always “good for you.” We believe that excellence comes from nuances. If you agree, you will find that Mountain Valley is stellar water for quality, health benefits, taste, and ingredients. 

This spring water is sodium-free. With a 220 TDS, it is rich in healthy minerals like potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Follow this link to view the complete water quality report from 2020. This is the most recent copy as of the writing of this article. Updated versions may be available on their website.

drinking mountain valley spring water from green plastic bottle

Is Mountain Valley Spring Water purified?

When used in reference to water, the term purified means <1 ppm TDS. In other words, it is free of dissolved solids. Thus, spring water is not purified. Purified refers to a treatment process that results in distilled or reverse osmosis water. Mountain Valley carries distilled water under their Diamond Water label.

Instead, Mountain Valley Spring Water is filtered. It is also infused with ozone to prevent contamination from bacteria and biological elements. Their spring water is bottled in 5-gallon glass jugs to place on a dispenser. Plastic bottles are available as well but aren’t as popular. 

What is the pH of Mountain Valley Spring Water?

First, let us refresh your memory of what pH measures. pH is a scale to measure acidity using the numbers 0-14. Seven is considered neutral. Mountain Valley ranges from 7.3 to 7.7 therefore, it is balanced.

Is Mountain Valley Spring Water alkaline?

Mountain Valley has balanced alkalinity. Alkalinity is determined by the pH level we reviewed in the previous section. Water with a pH above 7 is alkaline, below 7 is acidic. To put it in perspective, the pH of Mountain Valley Spring Water is more alkaline than tap water. 

The jury is still out on the health benefits of alkaline water. But, Mountain Valley states, “balanced alkalinity is naturally detoxifying and helps our bodies neutralize acidity to optimize tissue and cell health.” 

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